Fuse Help

Prospecta Help documents are online help for end users to understand the features of Prospecta products (FUSE and MDO). End users refers to customers, partners or users of product, who needs to understand and implement our product on a regular basis.

These help documents will help you to understand setup of product in a simple way, fulfills user demand for self help, reduces burden on support team, and improves product proficiency and adoption.

For a better understanding and to simplify the process, we have divided our help in 3 different modules  – Administration, Content Management and Execution.

Additionally users can access Release Notes, Industry Solutions, and FAQs.

Administration As Administration is an act or control of managing various things. In this module you will be able to understand how to manage security, manage organization, manage tasks and manage jobs and logs.

Content Management refers to the process of collection, management and publication of any information in any form or medium. In this module you will be able to learn how to maintain datasets, flows and forms, business rules, business flows, how to maintain integration and how to manage your dashboards.

Execution is the implementation of a strategic plan in an effort to reach out to business goals. With the help of this module you will be able to learn how to execute a flow, manage the data, notifications, chat, dashboards etc.

Browse our release notes to stay updated with the latest product features and improvements. 

Explore our industry-specific, cloud-native solutions explicitly purpose-built for your process needs. 

Find answers and solutions to most frequently asked questions related to the system.